Underwater Data Centers


Energy Subsea's UDC units are an innovative approach to the future of data storage and processing. Our maintenance-free units can be installed at undisclosed locations anywhere in the world in which water is available.  Underwater data centers will not only eliminate the cost of cooling machines—an enormous expense for many data-center operator—but it could also reduce construction costs, make it easier to power these facilities with renewable energy and even improve their performance.

Energy Subsea offers the technology and expertise to realise, maintain and protect your underwater data structures and their environment. 

No expenditures on cooling or physical security. Easy access to high speed optical networks. Why not power the whole center with tidal power? 

Oil & Gas industry has installed their operational structures on the seabed for decades making this a well established, high performance technology, but used in a new time.

Energy Subsea
Committed to the Future  



Why Underwater?


The approach of locating centers at higher latitudes results in them being far from population centers, which limits how fast the servers can respond to requests.

Remarkably, almost half the world's population lives within 100 kilometers of the sea. So placing data centers offshore in relatively close proximity to coastal cities would situate them far closer to customers than is the norm today.

Moreover, many on-land facilities can consume a lot of water. They often use evaporation to cool the air the severs need to remain in working order. Geographical factors can also present issues in this way. Areas, such as California, are subject to droughts and there are areas where a growing population depletes the local aquifers, as is occurring in many developing countries. Even if water is abundant, adding it in the air makes the electronic equipment more prone to corrosion.

Energy Subsea is mapping the way to the future: underwater data centers which are secure and efficient. 


What We Can Do


Energy Subsea will design, install and maintain your centers ensuring they are protected from hazards and do not negatively impact their surrounding environment. 

Deploying underwater data centers near offshore sources of renewable energy—be it an offshore wind farm or some marine-based form of power generation that exploits the force of tides, waves, or currents– Energy Subsea can help plan and implement every step of the way, from conception to completion. 

The environmental impact of underwater data centers would be very modest with the water predicted to get no more than a few thousandths of a degree warmer at most. 

With us expertly installing and maintaining your data center responsibly we can create a benign environment for the electronics, minimizing problems with heat dissipation and connector corrosion.




A question we are often asked is how secure the data will be from physical and cyber theft. Energy subsea will deploy state of the art detection and alert systems, which will actively scan the area for all conceivable threats and mishaps. 

Where posible we recommend to install in water depths where divers can not access.

We also offer 24h onsite security, monitoring, significantly reducing the risk of your servers being hacked. Our crew and staff will undergo extensive security measures to ensure your servers and data are as secure as possible.