150Hp eROV - A Introduction to a reliable and cost efficient system

The Astrix eROV has an open frame design for improved operation in high current and affords easy access for maintenance and inspection of the machine itself.

The Astrix eROV operates on 10 individual powered HV motors for optimal redundancy. It uses a state of the art control and operator environment, designed to keep the operator in control at all times. 

The control system has its own satellite com unit for online operation and monitoring, combined with Energy Subsea LLC ‘click and go’ control environment, which is based on same process used by military to control long distance drones, Energy Subsea LLC can assist in normal day to day operation of the ROV from our onshore control hub. This minimizing the need of offshore personnel on the rig. 

It is a full AC electrical set-up controlled by a PLC system, communicating to the operator through a single-mode fiber optic link.

The control-system is based on standard industrial components with a PLC system as the master controller of the ROV, and inverters for control of the motors.

The Astrix eROV is driven by 10 of AC motors, magnetically interfaced to the thruster or auxiliary tooling power pack: they are individual units that create full redundancy if one power pack should fail.

All tooling on the ROV is operated through a designated tooling pack, set up at the front for easy access. The eROV have a ‘front’ in each end - Enable us to install tooling for long duration dives. With a switch of a button, the ‘back’ have become front and your manipulators are now switched out for the benefit of maybe a torque tool.


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