The eROV models range from 50HP to 3500HP; They have electrical propellor systems and, if need be, HPU systems for interface tooling. The eROV is fully prepared to be used as a ROV managed and maneuvered from a remote location.

The eROV can be installed on a platform in the Arctic Sea and then be operated from our control-room in the USA, as an example. 

The RTS 3000 offers reliability. It has built-in GPR, & a non-corrosive open frame filled with buoyancy to reduce weight and drag coefficient. The Trencher has 14 high power thrusters, each with a 550gf efficient thrust (in both forward and reverse).

Its sixteen 3300v 0-120Hz motors are hardwired directly to topside power management, which is placed in an air-condiotned, high voltage room to ensure cool and stable conditions. The ROV's design increases reliability in the system through redundancy  - the duplication of critical components. It has heavy-duty water pumps, each individually controlled for optimal trim. 


RTS 3000 is designed for the following tasks:

- trenching of power and fibre cable
- trenching of pipelines and jumpers
- dredging and pre-lay preparations
- dredging for inspection and repair
- general soil and removal
- concrete mattress installation and removal
- oil and chemical clean-ups
- unsafe ordinance removal
- pipeline repair
- seabed mineral mining
- general tool carrier  

 RTS 3000 Spec: 

depth rating: 4000 MSW
length: 10000mm
height: 3700,, (8100mm with sword fully extended) 
weight: 19000KG
power: 3500 HP
trenching depth: 4500mm
trenching speed: 3600 meter/hour
max. speed (forward):  > 3knots
max. speed (vertical): > 6knots
max. speed (lateral): > 2.5knots